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    Hello, I am the leader, Reddbudd. I am in 3 armies right now, ACP, Tacos and of course CPFF. i am not a mean person but when i say i want somthing done.......I expect it to be done. ill be as nice as i can while still being firm. Have fun in CPFF

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Make ourselves known

Its time to come out from the shadows my friends…. and make an impact. follow one of the major armies like our allies ACP and go to one of their battles and help them out; www.thearmyofclubpenguin.wordpress.com CPFF FOREVER


Sorry for the delay

We, ( I ) appolagize for not being active but we are back and open for recruiting again! 🙂

Helping Hands,

ACP have been fighting IW for long-enough now. We WILL help them when i put up the dates for the next attack. Comment if you can make it. 🙂


I will not be on or editing the site for bout 3 days because im busy with other armies and stuff. tilll then, Stonecold301 is leader i appoligise for the inconveneince 😦

Growing is good

We are quickly growing and getting stronger. Ifwe keep striving to do our best we can be the best.

(!)The site is finnally finished! (!) :)

After a….pretty short wait, The site is finnally finished!!!!!!!!!! have fun CPFF oh, and we have a new leader: Stonecold301. CPFF forever 🙂

Coming soon!

The site is coming to be a success! we are almost done with it, and should have it done by the end of the week. Sit tight!